Meet Our Team

Teresa West - owner/operator

Teresa is married to jim with two daughters, emilea and hannah. she has two dogs, happy and sugar and loves all animals.  she is passionate about operating a grooming and kennel facility in baker county whose main priority is to ensure your pet feels safe, secure and happy.


Crystal Canady - Pet Stylist

Crystal has a love for all animals, she fosters orphan wildlife until such time where they can be released into the wild. Crystal has two sons, and four dogs. She began her grooming career at Room and Groom where She continues to work alongside long time Stylist Brittney osborne.


Brittney Osborne - Pet Stylist

Brittney began professional Grooming at 16 years old. Over time she began to specialize in small and nervous pets. Using a patient and gentle Method, they are soothed and reassured. It is her goal to provide  positive experiences that build trust and confidence in your Pet. Brittney has two sons, two daughters, and four dogs at home. 


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